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hiii hiii! thanks for coming back for week 2 of JReyesFashion: the blog. If you missed last week's post- you can read it HERE! 💖
This week's topic is shopping IRL vs. shopping online. We had a pop-up this past Friday night in Downton Culver City at Ivy Station and it is ALWAYSSSS a blast! I'm from Culver City so popping up in my hood is always the best feeling. This event happens every other month on each 2nd Friday but lucky for us, they're having another market on December 8th! We'll be there if you want to save the date. 
Doing pop-ups is one of my favorite things about owning a business; I get to connect with all of you in person and meet other vendors. However, we took a step back recently from markets because we noticed a huge drop in foot traffic at most markets in general. As for every business, it's no fun when you're spending money to participate at events and you're not seeing a return. I truly believe that as a business, I have to constantly grow and make changes where it is necessary. This should also be the same for those who host markets. My stance right now, is that if a market is not fun, i'm not getting any promotion on the hosts end, and if I feel that the booth fee does not match what is happening at the market, then I will not be participating. After all, if markets are asking for $100+ vendor fees, I think we deserve to be a little picky with what we experience- am i right??
Some markets do a great job about explaining what goes into their vendor fees and I really appreciate that! Don't get me wrong, i'm not canceling pop-ups forever, i'm just saying that I will be much more selective on which events I will sign up for. So, this just means less opportunity to shop IRL with us but it's also time to bring you all more online drops which I am committed to doing. 
In general, do you see yourself shopping more in person or online? I wanted to use this week's blog post to open up the conversation about shopping IRL vs. online because I do see a shift in how people are shopping as of late. 
Let's chat and lmk your thoughts! 
XOXO, Jess
JReyesFashion at Ivy Station Culver City Night Market. 11/10/2023
Some new new <3
OOTN. Whole fit from the shop
Me & my uncle- our first pop-up together! He's a self-taught artist from West LA. Follow him HERE!
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